Waiting rooms, again / Wieder im Warteraum

The last months have been a big challenge for us, running from one doctor to another, trying to find answers, to end up landing at the emergency room over a week ago. 

 Early March,  there were no restrictions put in place, as yet.  A week later, social distancing and masks were put in place.  

People waiting for the doctor's practice to open.  
Safe distancing once inside the waiting room.

A few days before the emergency, we had our first professional haircut after two months of isolation.  In the meantime, I cut my husband's hair and trimmed his beard.

He continues hospitalized, now off the ventilator and out of the induced coma.  It will take time for him to recover. He tested COVID-19 negative.

Thanks to sketching, all the waiting is interesting and a great opportunity to capture people.

Some urban sketching... again

These are sketches of my first time out after 8 weeks of coronavirus isolation. 
Water castle Strünkede and its park, in Herne, Germany

The museum in the castle was closed. The park was open allowing people to walk around at a safe distance from others. It felt so good to be there!