Drawings / dibujos

There is a lot of work being done by the active members of the "Círculo de Dibujo de Caracas" (Caracas´ Drawing Circle), now gathering once a week at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas to draw the nude human figure or special guests such as singers, musicians, dancers, poets, writers and other interesting people. Here are a few of Doris' drawings.


oil on canvas, 60 x 90 cm
watercolor, 54 x 74 cm

Blooming sugar cane / Cañaveral (Valles de Aragua) Cloud's kiss / Beso de nube (road to Toron Mery, Gran Sabana)

Kukenan Tepuy (next to the Roraima Tepuy)
Kavac (Auyantepuy, Gran Sabana)

Ruta al Sur/ Way South

Gran Sabana

Río Carrao / Carrao River


C. Roch
Yariku de Paraitepuy



Amor y Chocolate



Placer de vivir

Margarita de Pintura

Under this title, the artist presented a collection of watercolors reflecting her admiration and love for the island of Margarita. The exhibit took place in Pampatar from August to November 2006 and was later shown at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas.

Ola / Wave

Rain pools / Charcos (fisher boats in Margarita)
En la sombrita / In the shadePor Zaragoza / Around Zaragoza
Miguelina y el Andino / Miguelina and the AndinoPelícano / PelicanPelícanos en espera / Pelicans waitingPlaya Parguito / Parguito BeachPelícanos en pareja / Pelican couplePeñero azul y rojo / Blue and red "peñero" Princesita de Manzanillo / Little Manzanillo PrincessLaguna de Zaragoza / Zaragoza lagoonPlaya solitaria / Lonely beachAmanecer / Dawn Redes / Fishing nets
En el muelle / At the wharft

Peñeros en Manzanillo / Fisherboats in Manzanillo Platanal / Plantain plants