The Ruhr

The Ruhr, acrylic paint on canvas, 50x60cm

 It seems that the river will remain a painting theme for me for quite a while, changing its colors with the seasons, waters low or high, quiet or wild, a place for meditation, contemplation and sports. And, of course, for sketching and painting! May we all help keep it beautiful, clean and healthy. 

We both were vaccinated!!


While my husband was vaccinated in February-March at the Dialysis Center, I finally got an appointment for the end of April at Essen's fair and convention center in the Gruga park.  

 I had a chance of sketching the queue waiting for the vaccination center to open.  Once inside, it was pretty quick, but then, because I was sketching outside, I let I had about thirty people pass me, which gave me some time inside to sketch.

Ladies in the 15 minute rest area.

Six weeks later, I went for the second shot.  Again, I was a bit early and sketched outside.  Later, I had a chance to sketch the crowd sitting their 15 minute rest after the shot, before allowed to move on.

Slow return to normal life (before the floods hit us)

In the Ruhr basin, people are returning to the streets and enjoying a visit to a coffee shop or restaurant. They still prefer to stay outdoors and wear masks whenever stepping inside.  

At the Schlosscafé in Bochum, a Biergarten next to the Ruhr river, a restaurant or a bakery, it is delightful to enjoy someone else's baking with an expresso or hot chocolate.


Memories of the Gran Sabana

The Gran Sabana (Parque Nacional Canaima), in Venezuela, is one of the oldest geological formations in the world, dating back over 500 million years.  I have visited the area six times.  Its extraordinary landscapes have been inspiration for filmakers, photographers and artists.  The first for paintings depict the Roraima Tepui, in the fourth, accompanied by the Kukenan tepui.

No normal life yet

2020 was an exceptionally hard year for us. My husband Harry survived two intubations with artificial coma. In the process his kidneys got damaged, requiring dialysis now.  This is an additional restriction to our freedom of movement and has impacted the volume and quality of my work.  But I still manage to sketch!  This is my recent output.

The Ruhr river has been one of my favorite places to walk, sketch and paint during the months of corona isolation.  Below is the Ruhr in winter, a week before we had an unusual snowfall dressing the landscape for an entire week.

Then, there was some sketching accomplished at home

The woods behind our building and landscapes nearby

Sketching the Ruhr river in Germany

It is fun to walk or bike along the Ruhr river.    Even more, to sketch.  The first sketch depicts the Hardenstein ruins in Herbede, upriver from Essen. The next six were done fairly near our home in Essen.  The last two, depict the yacht club on the Baldeneysee, a lake-like section of the Ruhr above a dam and locks, within Essen's city limits.