Skittzieren und Wartezimmer /Sketching and waiting rooms / Dibujar en salas de espera

My husband recently had two surgeries and I spent quite a lot of time in waiting rooms.  Sketching is a really good way to enjoy the time spent there.



This is beloved Luna, the canine new friend, companion, and trainer, recently adopted by my sister and brother-in-law. Watercolor on paper, 45x30 cm

Les presento a Luna, la nueva amiga, companera y entrenadora, adoptada recientemente por mi hermana y cunado. Acurela sobre pape, 45x30 cm

Ink Sketches / Tusche Skitzzen / Dibujos con pincel y tinta

Winter is close and we can no longer sketch outdoors.  So we sketched each other and whatever we encountered at the old brewery in Herne, Germany.

 Since ladies come first, I dedicated myself to sketch them.  There was no time to sketch our male companions.  Next time...

Last night I realized how much I need this activity.  Not only do I enjoy sketching, but also need to be among friends and colleages once a while.  It was really nice. Thank you all!

Water sketches...

Sketching water bodies is a very special treat for me. I am probably missing the Caribbean sea. 

These boats were sketched at a little yacht club on the Baldeney sea, formed behind a Ruhr dam in Essen.

There is a lot of sports activity on the Ruhr river. 

This industrial installation is the "Wasserwerk" in Horst Essen. 

Steampunk at the Henrichenburg ship elevator's 120th anniversary

The entire structure and the abundance of visitors dressed in "steampunk" style costumes, made me feel as if the entire place was a Jules Verne movie stage.  The ship elevator is no longer working, a regular lock was built nearby.  I enjoyed myself  by sketching a few of the steampunk people.

Around the German Wine Road

The German Wine Road is peaceful, romantic, beautiful and gorgeous!  In our short visit,  we managed to visit different historical sites and enjoy the local hospitality, including nearby Heidelberg. 

Downtown Heidelberg with thousands of tourists from all over the world. 
Memorial church in Speyer
Gedaechniskirche in Speyer

Hambach castle, icon of German democracy
Hambacher Schloss

Freinsheim's medieval city wall
Freinsheimer Stadtmauer

Kallstadt on the wine road